Webinar: Reflecting on the best and worst money moves of 2020

Join me, Peter from The InvestQuest, and Dinesh from Dollars & Sense as we engage in an interesting dialogue where we will share about our personal money mistakes and successes.

The session will be moderated by Sam, CEO of Endowus and Sheng Shi, Personal Finance Lead at Endowus.

The session will be broadcasted live on 23rd December at 7pm (SGT)!

About this Event

2020 is a year to remember, or simply forget. Covid-19 struck and everyone’s plans have been tossed up in the air – from planned travels, career switches, to even the basics of being able to properly plan for finances.

As some of us are forced to re-adjust our lifestyles and our spending patterns to the new Covid-19 paradigm, we have amassed a group of personal finance leaders to discuss the best and worst of 2020:

  1. Their personal money management mistakes in 2020
  2. Biggest investment regrets and successes
  3. How Singaporeans can manage finances before the crisis
  4. How would they plan for 2021

I am really looking forward to speak alongside the panelists. If you are interested, you can register for the event here or watch it live on YouTube on that date.

  1. Hi,
    I just watched the video on youtube and browsed through your website. Have a few questions for you if you don’t mind:
    1. one of my worst investment mistakes was to trusted an investing “wealth guru”. Have you ever learnt from any “wealth guru” ? And what is your advise to those who want to start investing, and keep on seeing such adverts on youtube and other social media?

    2. You have an earlier article on Stashaway vs Endowus which you said you will keep portfolio in both. But in a recent article, Investment Strategy 2021, there is no mentionin of Stashaway. Have you closed the stashaway account?

    3. It also mentioned that you closed most of your single stock picks. Different from other guests. But you are also the only one with crypto. Can you explain how this holding of crypto is aligned with your long term broad diversification?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Jason, thanks for reaching out!

      1. I have never trusted these individuals or entities. Most of them have a business model to make money out of unsuspecting clients or repeating knowledge that’s public and accessible for everyone on the internet.

      I think investments for newcomers can be well served by Roboadvisors with a more risk averse portfolio in stocks and bonds. Once you’re fully aware of your risk appetite, investment horizon and other factors like cash flow needs, you can make tweaks over the course of your investment.

      2. Yes I closed my personal stashaway account and moved everything to Endowus. The main reason is SGD portfolios with Ireland domiciled funds which I cannot get on StashAway. Additionally, Endowus allows me to pool cash, SRS and CPF into a single platform for convenience. Otherwise, both are good platforms to begin with.

      3. You’re right. Crypto or digital currencies is a brand new asset class with significant “alpha” opportunities because in traditional stock markets where information is efficiently priced in, it’s hard to beat the market portfolio.

      For crypto, if you’re new I’d recommend staying only in the large cap crypto like BTC and ETH. BTC to me is a hedge against real world inflation and infinite money supply with a strong macro thesis to ownership. ETH can be seen as the settlement blockchain of the future which is used to pay for transaction fees, securing the network etc. Tokens that don’t capture any value but act as speculative instruments I tend to stay out of them.

      Tying back to diversification, it’s a diversification of asset class and risk. I might be wrong though (this is not financial advice)

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