Transfer Money to China – TransferWise to Alipay

You can now conduct instant money transfers, up to 5 times a month, capped at 31,000 CNY per transaction to China AliPay wallets via TransferWise within seconds.

TransferWise launched their latest cross-border offering – promising super-quick transfers from 17 currencies to your/ your recipient’s bank account linked to Alipay.

The list of currencies that can be sent are:


You don’t need to visit a local bank branch to do so, and you can simply just head online to TransferWise to conduct your international transfers.

Setting up Alipay

Before transferring, you need to make sure the recipient’s Alipay account is properly set up to receive global remittance. This will utilise Alipay’s Fast Collection feature for instant cross-border money transfers without fees.

You need to first install Alipay on your phone and complete the necessary authentication. Currently, only users with a resident identity card can use Fast Collection.

Find the Global Remittance (跨境汇款) mini-program under Transfer (转账).

Click on the blue icon to select Fast Collection 闪速收款.

Then select the beneficiary bank card that’s linked to the Alipay account that’s used for receiving Fast Collection transfers. You can also add new bank cards here. Note that only bank cards issued in China (not Hong Kong, Taiwan or Macao) can be used.

The next screen will provide you with the global remittance details for Fast Collection that you can use to provide to the sender.

The fields you see are –

  • Chinese Name
  • Chinese Pinyin
  • Alipay number

And below, there is a picklist you can choose

  • Auto-credit destination (Bank card number)

The blue button 复制全部 is for you to copy all the above details, which you can then give it to your sender.

Once your Alipay setup is completed, you can then use TransferWise to transfer your funds over.

TransferWise to Alipay

The next step is to head over to the TransferWise app or website and click Send Money to bring up the transfer flow.

Set the recipient currency as CNY.

TransferWise will lock your rates and display the fees transparently on the same screen.

Set the recipient details –

  • Full name in Pinyin (English alphabets A-Z only)
  • Alipay ID (email or Chinese phone number) which you have set up above or their UnionPay bank card

Once TransferWise receives and converts your money, Alipay will notify the recipient of an incoming transfer and be deposited into the recipient’s linked bank account instantly.

Note that a valid bank card has to be linked to Alipay for instant deposits, or done within 48 hours of money transfer.

Don’t have TransferWise yet? You can sign up for TransferWise or read the TransferWise Debit Card Review.


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