StocksCafe Review (2021)

Long story short: StocksCafe brings a comprehensive suite of features to help you manage your investments, track dividends, and screen for stocks. The free version is excellent and the premium upgrade is well worth the cost.

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Portfolio tracking has lots of merits – as I wrote when reviewing Sharesight – it allows us to have a real-time understanding of our portfolio performance, track dividend payouts and corporate actions, and much more.

Such information can give us a powerful understanding of our investment strategy and refine them if necessary. Ever wondered how much dividends you received last year without looking at your SGX statement? Well, read on.

My philosophy has always been that you can only manage what you measure – which is why tracking this kind of stuff is very important, although it can be quite cumbersome and mundane sometimes to manually track with spreadsheets, or worse, your notes app.

We all have better things to do in life, right?

Ten years ago, tracking stocks or portfolio performance would be extremely painful. I went through that phase when I had to use multiple excel spreadsheets, manually record every dividend paid with their ex-date, and record every buy/sell transaction to make sure my records are accurate.

Today, with technology advancements, better data sources, and better connectivity (e.g. APIs), such routine tasks have been automated to a large extent.

If you’re like me and enjoy tracking, visualizing, and analyzing your investment portfolio, you’d enjoy analytical solutions like StocksCafe.

What’s StocksCafe

StocksCafe is one of Singapore’s most popular portfolio tracking or stock tracking platform, it has grown with lots of fanfare on local forums like hardwarezone and in the local blogging scene, for good reason.

It is free and easy to use, offers a very comprehensive set of features for all investor types, and helps you better understand the performance of your investments. You are not limited to just P&L tracking, but also visualizing your dividend history, expected payout dates, and more. It supports exchanges from Singapore, Malaysia, the US, and Hong Kong.

If you do any sort of investment, then StocksCafe will definitely be useful. In this review, we will do a deep dive into the functionalities within StocksCafe and hopefully guide you to see if it’s worth signing up with them.

StocksCafe Portfolio

I’d like to start talking about some of my most utilized features on StocksCafe, why I use them, and how I use them.

The Portfolio section is sort of like the hub of all your investment reporting.

On this page, you can find the profit and loss (P&L) impact for both unrealized and realized positions in multiple currencies, and your overall P&L – per portfolio and across all your portfolios.

For example, I’ve created an ETF portfolio (among my other ones such as a REIT portfolio, Fixed Income portfolio, and Play portfolio) which tracks all my ETF purchases from Singapore (i.e. STI ETF) and London (VWRD, IUAG).

Portfolio-level tracking is very helpful as it gives you the ability to separate your trades and stock positions into multiple virtual portfolios for tracking and analysis.

Suppose you want to investigate if your portfolio of REITs are doing better than the STI ETF – a REIT portfolio with the benchmark set to be the STI will tell you your performance per year, and risk-return characteristics associated with each portfolio.

The second section shows some useful statistics on your portfolio, including calculating the portfolio beta, expected shortfall, and value at risk, which are useful statistics to understand the risk characteristics your portfolio as compared to others.

Portfolio beta gives you the correlation of your portfolio with the market portfolio, expected shortfall tells you your tail loss scenario, i.e. if things go bad, how bad will it get?

At the bottom of the page, you’d find a giant table with customizable columns showing even more useful statistics, from position information (shares held, average price) to dividend information (cost yield, current yield, dividend strength) to P&L information. You can even bring in technical indicators like RSI to the table for analysis!

Such sophisticated reporting details may be useful for multiple reasons.

In the case of cost yield vs current yield, I can compare the attractiveness of the stock’s current dividend yield to that when I had purchased it.

I can sort any field I want to do further analysis. For example, I usually sort by CurrY% (current yield %) to see my highest dividend-yielding stocks. I also like sorting by P&L% to see my best and worst-performing stocks. Sorting by Div will show me which stocks have paid me the most dividends since I bought them.

Singapore Savings Bonds tracking

What got me really interested in StocksCafe is how sophisticated it is in its features – it even allows you to track our SSB purchases.

A detailed view of my fixed-income portfolio, which includes my SSB holdings

With your bond portfolio also under the same roof, you can really do some meaningful analysis and dividend (or coupon) tracking across your portfolios.

Upcoming interest/coupon payments from my SSBs – till the end of the year and in the next twelve months


The report section shows useful statistics on your portfolio versus a selected benchmark (or baseline – as long as StocksCafe supports the security). For example, if the majority of your holdings are Singapore-listed stocks, then ES3 would be a good benchmark for the market. VT would be an ideal benchmark for a globally diversified portfolio.

I also appreciate the dividends sub-section, which tracks my dividends collected over the different months, broken down by year. If you highlight and click over the month, you can drill down to explore the dividend details.

This part is useful to see which months of the year you are most likely to be receiving your dividends in, and that translates to happy times when you see money flowing into your bank account!


To further deep dive on our favourite passive income topic – dividends – I thought I’d talk a little bit more about a dedicated dividends page.

Visualizing your paid and dividends due (declared but not paid) by year – watching dividends grow year on year is an amazing feeling

In the dividends page, the due/paid tab will show you your dividend history that has been paid or about to be paid to you – for the selected portfolio or across all your portfolios.

I can see my upcoming and announced dividends by ticker (including ex-date, pay-date, dividend amount, dividend yield), view my historically paid dividends, and explore StocksCafe’s intelligent Projected Dividend feature, which predicts upcoming dividends based on historical data.

Screeners, watchlists and more

StocksCafe members have access to stock screeners – both public and private – to find potential stocks to buy and sell based on several criteria.

For example, suppose you’d like to explore undervalued SGX-stocks with P/B <1, dividend yield >5%, and some other parameters – you could build a screener, save it as a preset and share it with the public.

Running the screener will return you a list of stocks that met those criteria, which you can then sort and conduct further analysis with some of their tools.

Let’s say you want to explore Mapletree NAC Tr a little bit more, clicking on it brings you to the stock-level analysis including price graphs, financial data, dividend history, daily prices and more.

A price graph of Mapletree NAC Trust overlaid with RSI indicators
The profile tab shows financial data split into valuation metrics and financial metrics (e.g. assets, liabilities, current ratios, dividends) which you can further graph it to visualize the trend
The dividend tab shows yearly dividend data including dividends declared per share and % yield

There are many other helpful stock-specific analysis you can perform on this page, such as graphing financial data and viewing related news and blog posts on it.

It’s a neat feature set – and the screener results can be automatically triggered to notify you via emails if you’re a Friend of StocksCafe (see below).

Email updates and summary

The platform is packed with lots of features, but if it’s is too much for you to handle, then you’d really appreciate how StocksCafe can create daily or weekly portfolio summary for you and deliver them via your email inbox.

For me, I’ve set it to deliver a weekly portfolio summary every Friday per portfolio and in aggregate, showing me the performance, of each portfolio, upcoming dividends in my portfolios, and both trending and portfolio related news.

This helps me keep track of my portfolio performance and keep abreast of the latest market developments without me ever visiting the platform during the busy week.

Social, blogs and continual improvements

Finally, StocksCafe also has a really fast-growing community and social network of like-minded investors. Social functionalities are also built to enable members to interact with each other. In addition to having a forum, members can make their portfolios public, where fellow members can view and follow trades.

In August 2019, StocksCafe grew to 10,000 registered users, after 4 years and 5 months of which 10% are actively paying members – demonstrating the value of its platform.

I am also happy that they continuously improve their platform with new features (Evan – the founder and CTO takes feedback quite seriously). For example, after many users requested for LSE-support over the past year, they introduced limited LSE support on 26 Aug 2019 (with EOD pricing data only) due to budget constraints. Nonetheless, it’s still very useful for investors with LSE listed stocks like IWDA, EIMI, VWRD etc. If you’re looking for dividend tracking on LSE stocks, you can try ShareSight.

API connectivity with StocksCafe Playground

This one is interesting – because StocksCafe actually opens up its API (Application Programming Interface) for their Friends of StocksCafe members to allow advanced users to literally build their own feature based on whatever data StocksCafe has access to.

StocksCafe Playground is a virtual environment to interactively test APIs

Its possibilities are endless, from charting your own graphs and overlaying technical indicators on them, to plotting your own fancy dividend analysis graphs.

Sample graph plotted using their API connectivity

Your imagination is the limit!

Becoming a Friend of StocksCafe

StocksCafe has been a supportive partner in my investment journey and I have grown reliant on its services to help me manage my portfolio, provide useful insights, track dividends, conduct stock screens, and summarise them in weekly emails.

I also enjoy being part of the growing community supporting each other on investment decisions, stock tips, and navigating the platform. I hope to see the platform grow strength to strength, enhance its user experience (e.g. maybe a native mobile app with sleek modern UI?), and bring new features while staying core in its philosophy.

StocksCafe’s comprehensive feature set makes it value for money in my opinion

Benefits of Friend of StocksCafe

Basic User (Free)Friend of StocksCafe
Asset Management
Net Worth & Financial Freedom Index
Asset ListingUnlimitedUnlimited
Asset TransactionsUnlimitedUnlimited
Payments/Dividends/Interests RecordsUnlimitedUnlimited
Portfolio Management
Supported ExchangesSingapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Tokyo,United States, London, Shenzhen, Shanghai
Portfolio Transactions25Unlimited
Portfolio Tracking & Statistics
Dividends Tracker & Projection
Daily Email Updates1
Portfolio Report1
Multiple Portfolios
Priority in Receiving Daily Email
Export Transactions
Weekly Automated Data Export (via Email)
Anytime Portfolio Report Update
Daily Alerts (via Email)
Active Alerts20Unlimited
Stocks in Watchlist15Unlimited
Portfolio ProfileLimitedFull Access
Stocks Discovery
Risk ManagerUpdates WeeklyUpdates Daily & On-Demand
ScreenerLimitedFull Access
Stocks Profile PageLimitedFull Access
Vote for Upcoming Features
Friends-Limited Articles
Kenny REIT Screener (Free)
Kenny REIT Screener (Comprehensive)

StocksCafe is free to begin. But Friends of StocksCafe membership starts at S$3.75 monthly for a yearly membership which is roughly the cost of a cup of coffee. For those looking to further lower their monthly subscription, there is an option for S$3.19 monthly with a 3 years plan.

Considering how our commissions already start at $10-$25 per trade, membership fees for such a useful platform are very reasonable in my view, and you also get to support a Singapore-based platform which hopefully gets better with more revenue! 🙂

To get started with StocksCafe, sign up here and get a free trial for all of their premium features. It takes just 30 seconds to get started.


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