Launching Betterspider!

Why Betterspider?

You just graduated from university and en-route to being an adult. But you have no idea where to start or what you should do next as you start exploring events in life that were not taught in school.

Your friends around you start leading their own lives and get ahead in their careers while you are still figuring out what interests you.

Topics like these are close to the hearts of many millennials like myself. As a twenty-five year old fresh graduate out of university, I find myself asking similar questions often like I am having a quarter-life crisis. This blog was started to share my perspectives, life lessons, knowledge and experiences with my dear readers.

Technology, personal finance and travel are three of my dearest topics. I enjoy optimisation and doing things efficiently and sharing knowledge with others. I get inspired by people from all walks of life, from all around the world. I meet and learn about new ways of seeing and doing things everyday.

This platform gives me a way to share them with you. 

Betterspider is currently a non-commercial platform that wants to inspire and educate the next generation of digital consumers like yourself.

Be a Better Spider

Betterspider aspires to be a platform that inspires people to create a better version of ourselves, each day, every day. It encourages self-education, reflection, experimentation and long-term thinking.

I am starting this as a small project, with a big goal in mind. It might or might not work, but I want it to start in the right direction

…and I welcome you to follow me on my journey 🙂


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