Guide to automated portfolio tracking with Sharesight / IBKR integration

Sharesight is an award-winning portfolio management tool which I wrote about previously. While not much has changed since then, I thought it might be worthy to bring it to attention once again as many users are now using IBKR as their brokerage for trading global stocks and ETFs.

To recap, Sharesight is a portfolio tracker and management tool which allows you to keep track of your investments (across multiple platforms too), track your dividends and portfolio performance.

In this guide, I’ll be showing you how you can seamlessly integrate Sharesight with IBKR so any trades from IBKR will be automatically reflected in your portfolio tracker.

Setup integrations

The first step is to set up a new integration with IBKR under the Integrations tab. Sharesight currently supports two integrations, Saxo and IBKR.

Once you’ve selected IBKR, it asks for your FTP username and password.

The next step is to send an email to and include your IB account number in it and request “Sharesight feed” in your email.

You should receive back from IBKR a user name and in a separate email a password specific to this integration only.

Head back to Sharesight and enter the details in FTP username, FTP password, and your IBKR account number starting with U.

Then create integration to link your accounts together.

Behind the scenes

Once per day, IBKR will send a file through to Sharesight that includes your days trading, which Sharesight will upload these in a bulk manner and match it to your account.

Sample integration of trades

With this integration, you can now track your portfolio value, dividends and more in a clean, easy to use interface. To find out more, read about it in the review.


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