Gemini streamlines SGD deposits with direct deposits

Gemini Singapore (review) launched a simpler way to deposit and buy cryptocurrencies on their exchange.

As of 3 May 2021, there is a new unique bank account number for each Gemini account for SGD deposits.

It is now no longer necessary to initiate a deposit request for each transfer to the new bank account number assigned to your Gemini account.

As everyone will now have a new virtual bank account unique to each account, you can simply save the new virtual bank account number as a new payee and make instant transfers from your bank account.

However, you’d first need to make sure that your local bank account is linked to Gemini under Manually Link Bank Account.

Deposits may take ~48 hours to arrive if it’s your first time.

All SGD transfers are handled by Xfers, a major payment institution licensed by MAS for the provision of e-money issuance services.

    1. I believe you’ll skip the annual limit! But transaction limits of $20K still apply.

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