FWD Personal Accident & Infectious Diseases Insurance Plan

FWD is known to be an online insurance provider at low cost and good customer support. I frequently buy their travel insurance and a couple of months ago I also bought their amazing Cancer insurance for $50K cancer-specific coverage at just $9-ish per month.

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There’s also a nice personal accident plan from them, which comes with COVID-19 insurance coverage in addition to the standard personal accident coverage.

Product highlights:

  • Claim up to $1K for COVID-19/infectious diseases
  • Claim up to $2K for local outpatient medical expenses ($4K if overseas)
  • Daily hospital cash ($50 x 365 days, $100 x 365 days if ICU)
  • Claim for taxi and ambulance fees, overseas emergency phone charges
  • No pricing differentiation regardless of your job nature

At just $98 per year, you can enjoy personal accident coverage plus infectious diseases coverage in a single plan.

Coverage benefits for the PA plan

Benefits of the FWD Personal Accident and Infectious Disease plan (full policy wording here):

Accidental Death Benefits$100,000
Permanent Total & Partial Disability$100,000
Emergency Medical EvacuationUnlimited
Chinese Physician, Acupuncturist, Bonesetter and Chiropractor Expenses$500
Medical Expenses in Singapore (Inpatient and Outpatient)$2,000
Medical Expenses Overseas (Inpatient and Outpatient)$4,000
Hospital Cash Income$50/day (up to 365 days)
Hospital Cash Income – Intensive Care$100/day (up to 365 days)
Ambulance Fees$500
Daily Taxi Allowance$20/day (up to 2 weeks)
Emergency Phone Charges (Overseas)$300
Guardian Angel Benefit$100,000
Funeral Grant (Death)$5,000
Physiotherapy Expenses$1,000
Mobility And Prosthesis Aids$500
Home Modifications$10,000
Personal Liability$100,000
Ticketed Event Cancellations Due to Haze$100
Benefits under the Personal Accident part of the plan
Covid-19 Death Benefits$50,000
COVID-19 Medical Expenses in Singapore (Inpatient and Outpatient)$1,000
COVID-19 Hospital Cash Income$25/day (up to 365 days)
COVID-19 Hospital Cash Income – Intensive Care$50/day (up to 365 days)
Permanent Total & Partial Disability$50,000
Guardian Angel Benefit$50,000
Funeral Grant (Death)$2,500
COVID-19 Medical Expenses Overseas (Inpatient and Outpatient)$2,000
Emergency Medical EvacuationUnlimited
Ambulance Fees$250
Chinese physician, acupuncturist, bonesetter and chiropractor expenses$250
Daily Taxi Allowance$10/day (up to 2 weeks)
Emergency Phone Charges (Overseas)$150
Physiotherapy Expenses$500
Home Modifications$5,000
Personal Liability$50,000
24-Hour Medical HelplineService
Benefits under the COVID-19 part of the plan

Overall, it’s quite standard policy wording, with some positive exceptions, and you can read my thoughts about personal accident plans in this article.

To reiterate some key points, this FWD insurance plan does not differentiate your accident risk by your nature of your job, so you pay the same low cost ($98/yr) for standard coverage.

It also is super affordable, way below the market average (~S$136 according to Value Champion) for personal accident plans in Singapore.

There are also various insurance covers to choose from, from individual cover to couples cover ($186 for two people – 5% cheaper) and a family cover ($252 – 10% cheaper).

Note that claiming for Infectious Diseases (including COVID-19) has a waiting period so you need to purchase this plan more than 15 days before making a claim due to COVID-19.

If you’re interested to get protection for yourself, you’d need to complete the registration flow on SingSaver and create an account with them to purchase coverage. You can check out more details on their website.

  1. “Do I qualify for the FWD Personal Accident and Infectious Disease Coverage?
    You have not been directed or advised to self-isolate due to COVID-19 or to self-quarantine based on medical advice or the Singapore Government’s orders;”

    seems like those who have previously been SHN-ed (returnees from abroad) will not qualify for this?

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