Free personal assets spreadsheet template and model

Tracking your financial net worth and assets can be a painful task but there are many tools to help you do so.

For example, you could use the recently launched SGFinDEX to amalgamate some of your bank accounts into one view.

However, I still find that a little cumbersome since it has to be manually synchronised and the balances are are snapshot from the previous month’s.

Google Sheets financial tracking template

Using Google Sheets because it allows real-time collaborative work and cloud storage so I can access/edit it anytime, I’ve decided to build my own template which I use monthly to keep track of my accounts.

The template has three simple functionalities –

  1. Asset tracking
  2. Income distribution modelling
  3. 12-month growth projection

Asset tracking

In the assets tracking section, you can easily create new line items for new accounts and manually update the values in the orange cells.

I’ve separated the accounts to different buckets such as cash/cash equivalents, DIY investments, CPF and roboadvisors. But feel free to modify and fit your needs (e.g. cryptocurrencies could be another section).

Income distribution modelling

The second section is where I use to model my monthly income distribution. For example, if I draw a monthly net salary after CPF of $5,000, I’d input this value in the monthly income cell.

Using the rest of the cells, I could use to either distribute this income in dollar terms ($) or percentage (%) terms.

For example, I’ve modelled to distribute $300 to my fictitious OCBC 365 account every month and 10% (i.e. calculated as $500) to my DBS Multiplier account.

Once you’ve distributed the full amount of net salary, the monthly distribution cell would tally with the monthly income cell.

12-month financial projection

Tying the two functionalites together, we can now model how your finances would look like for the next 12 months. For example, in this case, based on my current financial snapshot and monthly distributions of my income, I can expect $133K in cash by Jan 2022.

The model takes into account the current month (in cell F3), which is automatically populated. In fact, you only need to input the cells in orange, and the model does everything else for you automatically.


To help guide you, I’ve also included a read me / instructions sheet in the template.

I hope this free spreadsheet is helpful to anyone getting started in tracking your finances. The goal in the future would be to automatically load the orange cells via open banking APIs but that’s still some time away.

If you have feedback and suggestions about the template, feel free to reach out via email!

Get the template here (seriously free, no signup required)

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