Endowus launches customizable portfolios with Fund Smart

Endowus announced their new DIY fund management solution today, with a range of selected funds that allows you to build customizable portfolios on their platform.

From inception, they have always preferred clients to use their advised portfolio; but in response to growing demand for access to Dimensional Fund Advisors’ funds, they have now added an option to invest in these funds, in addition to selected fund strategies like income, ESG and quant.

Lowest cost access to funds

I think what’s unique about their solution is that some funds might be cheaper when buying through Endowus over traditional financial institutions.

As with their usual practice, they will fully rebate trailer fees for these funds.

Whether or not a DIY selection might be suitable or not depends on the type of investor you are, and whether you are sophisicated enough to decide on the right allocation, fund and strategies, in addition to conducting your own research.

For most investors though, you might want to consider using these funds to build a small satellite portfolio (e.g. Tech, China, ESG) to complement your main portfolio.

Use this exclusive link to get S$10,000 managed free for 6 months ($20 equivalent) with them.


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