Earn up to $25 cashback for free by withdrawing cash with SoCash

Once in a while, a great opportunity to make free money as part of a customer acquisition strategy comes by – and today’s feature is SoCash.

SoCash allows you to make bank withdrawals in Singapore using the SoCash app, there’s no need to bring your debit card along with you.

With SoCash, you can withdraw cash from supported shops even if there isn’t an ATM machine nearby, or if ATMs have long queues – kinda like a portable ATM machine.

SoCash works quite easily based on my experience.

  • You download the SoCash app
  • Enter how much you want to withdraw
  • Choose the shop (usually the nearest shop)
  • Make payment through Internet Banking
  • Scan the QR code at the shop
  • Receive cash

How to earn the $25 SoCash cashback

There is a current promotion where selected stores (e.g. Sheng Shiong, Prime Supermarket, 7-11) are running a 1.5% cashback for every withdrawal, up to $1500 in withdrawals per month, capped at $500 per withdrawal.

How to earn free CASH

With the promotion, you need to find any supported merchant that is running the 1.5% cashback promotion e.g. Sheng Shiong $TM – a special ATM machine that supports SoCash.

Input $500 as the withdrawal amount and follow the steps to debit from your bank account.

Withdraw $500 from the $TM and you’ll be credited with a $7.50 cashback (reimbursed during your next withdrawal by offsetting against your withdrawal amount).

Deposit the $500 through a normal ATM.

Repeat the above steps and get cashback on each withdrawal.

Literally free money.

Use the referral code DERR6605 to get another $3 as a referral bonus.

Note: This promotion might end at any time. Information in this post might not be updated to reflect the latest changes.


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