Betterspider Turns Two + Thoughts on personal growth

How’s it going guys?

First of all, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been following and reading this platform, especially the regular ones – I’ve received a lot of very kind words from many of you and it’s very encouraging to hear them personally – one even asked me to start a YouTube channel soon (you know who you are!)

Since starting Betterspider as a side project in mid-2018 with literally no audience, we have more than 140K spiders crawling this site with nothing spent on marketing. I’m very happy you guys like the content!

I guess most of us have similar goals in mind – we all aspire to be financially free and be able to live our lives whole-fully without being shackled by debts and liabilities.

There’s also this FIRE movement going on about being financially independent and retiring early. It’s encouraging to see more in the local community interested in this topic so there are more ideas to bounce off each other in future!

The statistics also reinforced my belief that there are just so many people looking for trusted and independent financial information online before committing to making a purchase decision. Reading and hearing someone’s personal experience definitely brings a lot more comfort when you’re making your decision.

Next, I’d also like to spend some time talking about personal growth.

Every crisis is also an opportunity and but sometimes, you just need little motivation and push from others when it comes to personal growth.

My biggest advice? Don’t be still.

Don’t be still in chasing personal development and growth especially when disruption is not going away.

Don’t be still in looking for alternative income sources especially when job security is no longer guaranteed.

Don’t be still in accepting what’s given to you especially when you have not been given all available alternatives.

Don’t be still in trying something new especially when you don’t know how it will turn out until you’ve tried.

… and lastly,

Don’t be still in chasing your dreams especially when you never know when is your last day on Earth

I came across this 12-min inspirational video from Wang Lei (a Getai singer also known as 卖鱼哥) and he really demonstrated how he created opportunities for himself during this crisis even as he was left without an income source when he couldn’t perform on stage.

Watch it! It touches upon some of my points above and this is coming from someone in his late-30s whose passion is in the arts.

I’ve also noticed that many businesses are reducing wages, freezing hiring and delaying bonuses – that’s very normal during a cash crunch when every business is looking to stay afloat.

But these factors shouldn’t stop us from finding alternative ways to earn a living/income.

Simply relying on external factors – which are uncontrollable by nature – to shape your life journey and determine your future outcomes is not very wise.

Instead, learn how to find intrinsic motivation to help you get closer to your life and financial goals.

I always talk about being a better spider and our government says the same thing all the time in their campaign messages – upskill and upgrade yourself, especially if you’re older and expensive to hire.

You can take advantage of the numerous programmes and funding grants available and this lull period to find new opportunities. Start with the SkillsFuture website or visit your MP and ask for advice on your options.

I know it’s hard to get motivated when shit is all over the fan. But drastic life changes don’t start overnight, they begin by planting the seed first then letting it grow slowly over a period of time.

The best time to start something was yesterday. The next best time is now.

Lastly, even as we battle the crisis of our generation, we must not leave others behind. We rise by lifting others, and while we make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.

Donate on or Community Chest and get tax deductions on them.

Till we see our friends and families again, hopefully in the next few weeks, stay optimistic! (and maybe tell them about Betterspider too 😊)

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