About Betterspider


Betterspider was started as a platform for me to share my views and knowledge about several topics from personal finance, financial technology, productivity, and life hacks on doing things faster and better.

Similar to how a spider has four pairs of legs and always building a web, the name was inspired when I was always trying to learn multiple things at once.

Why Betterspider?

Adulting is difficult, from managing your own finances to figuring out about loans, credit cards, insurance, and investments, many people are clueless about what to do when it comes to managing these topics since these are not taught in school.

But these topics are very close to the hearts of many people struggling to get a foothold about such topics. This blog was started to share my perspectives, life lessons, knowledge, and experiences with my dear readers.

These are some of the dearest topics that I care about and bring me enjoyment. I enjoy optimization and doing things efficiently and sharing knowledge with others. I get inspired by people from all walks of life, from all around the world. I meet and learn about new ways of seeing and doing things every day. This platform gives me a way to share them with you at no cost.

With technology being the driver of innovation in the next several decades, this platform brings ideas from personal finance and technology together.

Who am I

I graduated from Nanyang Technological University with a Degree in Accountancy, and spent several years working in a consulting firm, a Swiss private wealth manager, and currently working in a silicon valley technology company in the enterprise technology space.

I had always looked into building a career path in the financial services industry and understanding the language of business to develop a deeper appreciation about the finer nuances that drive businesses forward. From macroeconomic views to detailed company analysis, I found myself intrigued by the complexity of the financial world and global markets. That’s why you’d see a lot of finance-related topics on this site.

Having also a keen interest in technology and building things, I read a lot about topics ranging from startups, technology, payments, fintech, and gadgets.  My multi-disciplinary and cross-functional experience brought me the knowledge, skills, and motivation in launching Betterspider.

Betterspider combines elements of finance, technology, marketing, and business strategy into an independent content platform.

Be a Better Spider

Betterspider aspires to be a platform that inspires people to create a better version of ourselves, each day, every day. From moving the needle just a tiny bit forward through a little bit of optimization somewhere, leveraging technology to improve our quality of life, or making our money work harder for us so that we can focus on other things, I hope this platform inspires you to be better each day.

I am starting this as a small project, with a big goal in mind and I welcome you to follow me on my journey.