A faster way to SafeEntry (iOS)

We are going to be scanning SafeEntry QR codes in Singapore for a while, so finding the fastest way to scan these codes at shopping malls and restaurants will make you a super productive spider.

The default process for scanning the SafeEntry QR code is a little slow.

If you use the camera app, it takes between 20 to 30 seconds:

  • Locate the camera app
  • Hover over the SafeEntry QR code
  • Click on the redirect link to GovTech’s website
  • Click Check In

Alternatively, using the Singpass app makes it slightly faster:

  • Locate the Singpass Mobile app
  • Click Scan
  • Hover over the SafeEntry QR code
  • Click Check In myself

But it’s not fast enough.

One way to optimize this is to add the SafeEntry Scan QR function into Siri shortcuts – this simple act makes scanning SafeEntry QR codes a breeze.

Here’s how it looks like in action –

How to set it up:

  • Click on the settings (gear icon) on the top right in the Home page of the Singpass Mobile app
  • Click Siri voice commands under the Other section
  • Under SafeEntry, add to Siri Scan SafeEntry and SafeEntry Check-out
  • You can now also trigger them with your voice from Siri
  • Open the Shortcuts app and add those two shortcuts
  • Add/move the Shortcuts widget to a convenient place

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