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I’d like to say a huge thank you to all readers and subscribers supporting this little project.

Personal finance is a topic that we all want to learn more about. It’s funny how such content is consumed so often online but seldom talked about in real life.

Building a platform and community from scratch is not an easy feat, especially amongst media giants with corporate funding and resources. When I first started out, there were a couple of financial blogs that were already writing excellent content – how should betterspider contribute to this space?

The key is that the industry is huge and constantly growing. Personal finance and investing are still extremely relevant topics – even more so in today’s context.

With COVID-19 completely changing everything – from global geopolitics to individual perspectives and the way we work, there is no question that everyone needs a fairer and better chance of success.

I hope that the growing community of readers who have been following this site and sending emails will continue to give your ideas and support. I really appreciate all of you guys!

To express my gratitude once again to my readers, I am excited to announce yet another giveaway from my own pockets.

5 lucky Telegram subscribers will stand to win a $10 Grab/GrabFood/Foodpanda voucher – you can use it to order lunch for yourself – with no strings attached.

All Telegram subscribers are automatically eligible to take part in this giveaway. There are no forms to fill.

On 31 October, I will run a random number generator to pick 5 lucky winners. If you’re one of the lucky winners, you will be contacted on Telegram. You can choose between Grab, GrabFood or Foodpanda vouchers of $10 denomination.

That’s all for this little update – stay tuned for more articles! Once again, let’s all be a better spider! 🕷


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